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Our most successful programme contains five two-day Modules covering:


1. Personal Effectiveness


2. People Management Essentials


3. Managing High-Performance Teams


4. Managing A Client-Focused Business


5. Presenting Business Solutions


Typically we run groups of 12-14 people through the programme, across a period of 8 -10 months, so that they can practically apply the lessons from each Module as soon as possible after attending it.  Groups are usually made up of people from various parts of the business so that they can form personal networks and widen their overall company knowledge whilst attending.


The ROI from this programme comes in several forms: more competent, confident managers; consistency of management approach across the business; common management language; and new business ideas as Module 5 is all about giving something back by creating and presenting tangible business proposals that drive real, practical improvements for the company.  Some of these have turned into very big revenue generating or cost saving initiatives for our clients.


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